Launch 2 HUM in the Palace on the Meir

Oct 14, 2020

Launch "2HUM" in the Palace on the Meir

On Tuesday October 13th, Christian De Sterck and the 2HUM team organized a corona-proof event to launch the new brand name and brandstory.

About 30 guests were present in the beautiful hall of mirrors of the Palace on the Meir. Those who could not physically be there, followed this event on Zoom.

Upon arrival, each guest was given a personalised 'Clipzy', a fun gadget that helps to put on your mouth mask without the elastic band behind your ears.

Christian De Sterck, founder of 2 HUM enthusiastically explained where the name comes from and what the mission of the company is.

Next to speak was top coach Ilse Jaques, who gave a very interesting leadership training for the entrepreneurs and managers who were present.

Each individual also received a sustainable 2 HUM notebook and a delicious natural drink from Moussa's Bissap.

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