2 HUM contest: Win a holiday to Cyprus and the winner is…. Tugrul Senol.

Sep 19, 2022

Tugrul had as only one 5 of the 6 questions right and so he has won the 1 week holiday in Cyprus or a travel voucher of 1000 €.

“I am so happy that I participated to this 2 HUM marketing action and that I have won this big prize. I have chosen the travel voucher so me and my wife can plan a nice holiday together. We don’t know yet where we will go and that give us fun’, said Tugrul.

20 people who didn’t won but were close to it will receive a nice 2 HUM gadget.

Many thanks to all for your participation and involvement.

If you are curious what the right answers are, read below.

1° In which area in Cyprus has the 2 HUM video been recorded?

  1. Capo Greco
  2. Capo Negro
  3. Capo Blanco
  4. Capo Rosso

2° 2 HUM is not doing business in 1 field, which is it?

  1. Managing consulting
  2. Procurement & interim management
  3. Coaching
  4. Security

3° What is important for 2 HUM?

  1. Diversity & inclusion
  2. Sustainable business
  3. Grow together
  4. All 3 of these (abc)

4° What is the meaning of the 2 HUM logo?

  1. To humanity
  2. 2 hummingbirds
  3. To hum
  4. All 3 of these (abc)

5° How many people will register for this contest? 87

6° How many people will follow 2 HUM June 16th 12 am (CET) on Linkedin? 510

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