Interim management

at WIN-WIN rates

Quickly deployable, empathetic and results-oriented consultants at WIN-WIN rates.

Don't you also want quickly deployable people with empathetic skills who can ensure continuity and at the same time achieve the intended objectives and return on investment more quickly? All this at WIN-WIN rates.

How do we do this?

2HUM stands for connecting people, which is why creating sustainable working relationships with internal and external stakeholders is always your priority.

We work with partners who consciously choose to enable the necessary transformation in your organization in times of change. If your organization lacks the necessary resources or multiple competencies, including flexibility, resilience, adaptability, results-orientation, empathy and knowledge, we can help you with this.

What do we offer?

Interim Management at WIN-WIN rates:

Are you looking for an interim Procurement Manager, CPO, Procurement generalist, category expert or supply chain expert? 

We offer all of these, including Category experts in:

  • Corporate Services (IT, HR, Marketing, Consultancy)
  • Capex projects (Civil works, Installations)
  • Technical Services (MRO & shutdowns)
  • Raw materials
  • Supply chain

Our consultants are driven and results-oriented with expertise in Procurement and Supply Chain in various sectors such as the chemical Industry, Automotive, Banking & Insurance, FMCG, Metal Industry, Food, Distribution and so much more. 

Our consultants also have expertise in Category Management and P2P optimization.

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Procurement & Supply chain support.


Are you looking for a procurement manager, generalist or a specific procurement category expert such as: IT, Marketing, Technical Services, MRO, CAPEX…?

Then we can help you find the ideal match.

When should you hire an interim manager?

  • To ensure the continuity of the company in case of prolonged absences or departure of own staff.
  • To temporarily hire expertise and resources to carry out optimizations with a direct impact on EBIT and Workflow.

Check first:

  • Is a replacement really necessary?
  • Are the competences present and available internally?
  • Couldn't the tasks be completed in a different way?
  • Is there a budget available for temporary replacement?

Also ask yourself what happens if you don't make a replacement and what is the impact on your result.

2 HUM can help you find the right interim manager thanks to its broad partner network.

Our motto is: "the right person in the right place"; both in terms of skills, as well as a personal and cultural match.


Are you a results-oriented, empathetic and driven procurement consultant and are you available immediately or within a period of 6 months?

Do you have experience with category management and do you view everything from a total cost of ownership perspective?

We are looking for experienced procurement consultants in both DIRECT & INDIRECT SPEND for the private and public sector in one of the following domains:

• Corporate Services (e.g. IT/HR/Marketing)

• Technical Services/MRO/Shutdowns

• Raw materials

• CAPEX projects (Civil works, installations)

2HUM stands for connecting people, which is why creating sustainable working relationships with internal and external stakeholders is always your priority. 

We offer interim management with WIN-WIN margins so that you and our customers can also benefit of this.


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Thanks to our experts in the various fields,
we can offer you a total solution tailored to your needs.



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