Grow together towards a sustainable procurement organization

We guide you in the development of a sustainable purchasing organization in which people, efficiency and planet are central.

How do we do that?

We work together with a team of experts in various fields in direct and indirect spend, transport, sustainable procurement, setting up cross-functional teams, coaching and change processes.

We look at the current situation and together we establish a sustainable growth plan to facilitate the transition that is supported throughout the organization. The sectors in which we are active, among others: Food industry, FMCG, Horeca, Utilities, Catering, Retail, Distribution and others.

Procurement & Supply chain support.

Procurement & Supply chain support.

Procurement & Supply chain support.

Analysis and optimization of the procurement organization.

Analysis and optimization of the procurement organization.



Introduce a fresh, new perspective into your procurement organization.

Generate higher margins and results.

You can only know more if you ask first the right questions... like, for example:

  • When was the last time you did a spend analysis?
  • Which competences and skills are lacking in your procurement organization?
  • What about the passion of the people in your procurement organization?
  • What actions can we take to make our procurement strategy more sustainable?

Procurement & Supply chain support.
Analysis and optimization of the procurement organization.



Kick off meeting

+ Current analysis

+ Workshop

+ High level strategy

+ Advice



+ Future situation

+ Workshop

+ Detailed strategy

+ Detailed plan

+ Milestones



+ Follow-up results

+ Guidance

+ High performance coaching


Within the framework of a sustainable transformation process, it is also possible to use 2 HUM to temporarily hire an interim manager in your procurement organization if the necessary resources or competences are lacking.

When should you hire an interim manager?

  • To ensure the continuity of the company in case of prolonged absences or departure of own staff.
  • To temporarily hire expertise and resources to carry out optimizations with a positive direct impact on EBIT.

Check first:

  • Is a replacement really necessary?
  • Are the competences present and available internally?
  • Couldn't the tasks be filled in a different way?
  • Is there a budget available for temporary replacement?

Also ask yourself what happens if you don't make a replacement and what is the impact on your result.

2 HUM can help you find the right interim manager thanks to its broad partner network.

Our motto is: "the right person in the right place"; both in terms of skills, as well as a personal and cultural match.

Thanks to our experts in the various fields,
we can offer you a total solution tailored to your needs.



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