The story of 2HUM

Oct 10, 2020

The story of "2HUM"

We have been inspired by the symbolism of ancient cultures in the American continent, where hummingbirds symbolize resilience, adaptability, joy, love and to follow fearless your heart.

Because of their powerful wings they can make up to 100 strokes per second, which makes them fast as lightning and can hang still in the air. This creates a humming noise, hence the name hummingbird. Some breeds can cover distances up to 2500 km.

As the only bird species, they are capable of flying backwards. From them we learn to look back to the past, to take the lessons of the it with us and to let the past go in order to move fearless forward and faster.


The effect of humming

Humming (in English "to hum") is a powerful primal language that everyone can do.

Scientific studies have shown that humming for at least 5 minutes already has a lowering effect on our blood pressure and heart rate. Moreover, it lowers our stress level. Sometimes people are humming when they feel happy or to calm down their baby and others use it in awareness training.

Everyone can hum and it contributes to our health!

“2 U”

In our logo you will also find the digit-letter combination "2 U". People find it important to be seen and appreciated. Yes, you are also seen by us. 


2 HUM also stands for to humanity. By working together, learning from each other and empowering each other as human beings and as a group, from a common higher purpose, we all serve the whole of humanity.

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